Friday, June 19, 2009

Update galore

I am so close to finishing school I can taste it. Tonight I have my final for the Therapeutic section of my schooling. I have to give my teacher a Therapeutic massage and then after that I'm not positive but I think I also have to take a written exam to get my certification. She hasn't mentioned anything about it since the first month of class, hopefully she just forgets about it and then I won't have to take it ha ha. But she probably won't, so I should do a little more studying.

Tonight after class I'm going to see the movie The Hangover. I am so excited to get out of the house for a bit and see a funny movie. Its going to put me in a really great mood, I can already tell. This weather always puts me in a funny mood. I need some good laughing to really snap me out of bad weather moods.

After the movie I dunno what is happening. I certainly don't want to just go home and stay in the rest of the night, but there isn't really anyone to hang out with. Tomorrow I'm going to a small show at Pepperbottoms, but only if my friend who invited me can get me on the guest list because I don't want to pay to get into a bar to see a band that might not even be any good if I don't have to. Its at least something to keep me busy. During the day tomorrow I might go to the Gratiot Cruise and sit with my dad in his work truck and watch the old cars go by. Not the most exciting way to spend an afternoon but its better then not doing anything at all. The only problem I think I'll have is finding a parking place, maybe I'll just ride my bike, then I can just lay it in the grass where my dad is parked.

I had a dream about zombies the other night, it was bad ass though because I was kicking ass and killing these things with a katana and my dream felt so real that I woke up thinking we were in the middle of a zombie uprising, no pun intended. Of course we're not, but I think I could handle myself pretty well if we ever were. If I had a katana at least...

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