Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bowling...graduation...real life

Well last night I went out with a ton of people from my church and we bowled. Apparently they get together one Monday a month and they split into teams and they just bowl for fun. I was on my Pastor's team and he is pretty competitive. It was fun sometimes but honestly it reminded me why I don't bowl at all. I totally suck at bowling. I got a few spares but not until my last game and then I managed one strike but not until my last game as well. It was sad really.

On a much happier note, tonight is my graduation!!!!!! I am leaving work at 3 to go home and get changed and then to the bank to pull out my last $300 for tuition and then heading over to Deanna's house and she is taking me out to dinner. I am so excited to be done with school!! Friday was my last class but it feels like I won't be done until after tonight. looks like its going to rain too so chances are we won't be able to walk around Royal Oak but that's OK, I don't mind coming home after dinner and relaxing.

Oh I am so looking forward to my week, I am going to keep busy and not have time to think much, which is exactly what I want so I'm not complaining. I have massages to do tomorrow afternoon and a huge party for myself on Thursday night and I'm off Friday and I have another massage and then I'm going to a BBQ and then hopefully I can relax the rest of the weekend. I love 3 day weekends so darn much.

Today at work we're doing inventory which we do twice a year or something and lunch is provided for us which means I get to choose what we're eating and I chose pizza. I have to call and put my order in soon too so that its ready by 12 to deliver. There's going to be a lot too, like 6 pizzas and some salad. Yum yum eat em up. I haven't been eating a lot lately, if at all. I have been losing weight, which is what I want, but its so hard when I'm confronted with things like pizza. Its a small weakness of mine and I'm not used to feeling so guilty eating it. All I want is to be thin and beautiful. Its so sad that people like me have to jump through hoops just to get to that point.

What is my life coming to?

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