Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thank heaven's for Bike Night

Last night was bike night in Roseville at Dooley's on Gratiot, we go there every Wednesday but I think we'll be going somewhere else from now on and just moving the entire event someplace else because Dooley's sucks, their music blows and they won't let us advertise for anything because their Nazi's. We're more likely to have it at the Box, the only problem with that is its a bit far for some people.

John picked me up on his bike and rode us over there, my dad was working in the garage when he pulled up and I hopped on his bike and he sped away ha ha. My dad waved but I could see he wasn't too happy. It was so damn hot yesterday! Don't get me wrong, I love the heat, but it wasn't good for riders with their leather on. I took a chance and didn't wear anything but a wife beater and I was OK, although if we had dumped the bike somehow I probably wouldn't have any skin anymore.

I can't wait until Saturday so I can see Transformers!!! OMG!! I've been waiting a long time for it, and it is going to be awesome! Plus I'm going to the 4pm show at MJR so it'll be cheapo tix.
Another movie I am dying to see is Harry Potter and the half blood prince. That comes out on July 15th which is a Wednesday. that is gonna be awesome, but sad too because that means that there's only one more after that and then the series is all over for good. :( Although the last movie is going to be made in 2 parts.

Anyway, off topic lol, bike night might be moved, hopefully that won't interfere when I can actually go since it will be a lot farther then I would like to drive every week, but maybe I can catch a ride with the guys or something. I cannot wait to get another bike. I want to practice more and see if I can get the shifting gears thing more down before that though, I don't want to get a heavy bike either, just a small Ninja 250 is fine by me. at least at first :)

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