Monday, April 27, 2009

Tis the season...for yard sales!

I had my yard sale on Saturday and Sunday. Even though it was super windy, we had a tornado threat and my things were blowing away off my tables, I managed to sell a lot of stuff and raise almost $400, $250 of which was mine. I have a lot of money for school now and that is all I need. I hope that I can make my car payment this month AND pay for the rest of my Chicago trip without having to dip into my school savings...

My b/f went to Chicago this weekend for a charity thing where he was to stay the night in a park in Chicago along with thousands of other people to raise awareness for some asshole in a foreign country that abducts little children and then forces them to fight for him in his army or be killed. :(
It rained so hard and it was so cold and windy there, that they had to leave early and drive home because there just was no way they could spend the night in what most likely to be a flooded park. So he was able to spend time with me on Sunday which I enjoyed, and then I helped him pack a bit more for when he moves out of his house in a few weeks. 

Speaking of, yes, Dustin found out that his friend Eric got the house he was trying to buy and so he will be moving there in a few weeks. Yay for him!!! I will get to help, not sure with what, but maybe painting, and cleaning and whatnot. Those are my favorite things to do. Clean and paint. I am also helping him to pack a bit like I said, I just want to feel useful :)

back to work.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need a vacation

School is going good. I start my clinicals at a new location on Monday. This is going to be a good opportunity for me because I will be learning directly under the owner of the school now instead of my friend. She is a good teacher and all, and I learned a lot from her when it came to Swedish massage but now I want to learn Thai Massage. Things like that she isn't interested in learning because she doesn't want to go back to school to take the time to learn it. That's where I come in. If I learn all these new and up and coming techniques for massage that are becoming increasingly popular, then that will bring in more money for me.

Went to the Doctor a few days ago, so far as I know, I am healthy. That might change but we will see.

Work is getting more and more boring. Things are getting to the point where I am desperate for them to lay me off so I can find something else. They are going to FINALLY let go of the old man that sits next to me who doesn't do anything in a timely manner and who leaves at noon most days anyhow. He spent the better part of last week in the hospital getting stints put in his heart or something and he's still here "working" even though he could keel over at a moments notice.
What a waste of space. Normally I have a soft spot in my heart for the elderly but not for Chuckles. He is a waste of space. He needs to retire.

This weekend I am having a Yard Sale. I am shocked at how much stuff I have to sell. I never realized until I actually set all the stuff out in my basement to price and gathered all my things in boxes and WOW is there a lot. Its OK though cuz I will hopefully make a lot of money for mine and Dustin's Chicago trip next month. Plus, whatever I don't sell, I'm having Purple heart come and take away on Monday morning. maybe now the basement will finally be clean for a change since that is where all this crap is lol. My mom will sure be happy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a beautiful day!

Oh my what a beautiful day out. I had a defensive driving class today that I had to take that was court mandated, blah. I spent the whole morning and early afternoon doing that and then I came home at 3pm with a slight headache from not eating much. 

Now I've had some food and I'm waiting for my headache to either go away or to get worse. Hopefully it will go away or I won't be able to go for a walk with Lorraine and then a bike ride later. I really want to enjoy this weather. 

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Am I making a huge mistake?

I am doing these Clinical's for massage therapy school where I do 30 hours of massages on people that my teacher sets up for me, later on I can do friends and maybe even family, but in the beginning she wants me to do some of her clients.

So far I did Laura, the other therapist that works with us, and her husband David on Tuesday night. Her husband loved it, he said I used the right amount of pressure and everything, but Laura said that she felt like I was awkward and that I didn't put any emotion or heart into the massage. She said I had great hands but she wondered if I should be doing massage therapy for a living. 

She has been doing massage for like 12 years so she noticed a bunch of things. She said i didn't have any flow and feeling, and like I said before, that I was awkward with the movements. She also said I didn't have enough strength yet and that I had no pressure. I think I did really well, but later in the massage I was distracted because my teacher came in and was talking to us and Laura was moving a lot and talking to Jessica and I just lost track of what I was doing completely. 

She thinks I'll get better with practice, which I will I'm sure, but it was still hard to hear since Jessica says I am doing really well and that I give a great massage. I'm wondering now if I should just get my certification in June and then just do it on friends and family instead of making it a career. I can probably go back to college to get a business degree or something from Macomb or maybe go into IT or something and then just do that. I don't want to make the mistake of doing this for a living if I'm no good at it. It made me really sad for the rest of the night. Le Sigh. Now I just don't know what to think but my confidence in my ability and passion to help people feel better is all but disappeared...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning Thai, not the language though...

Thai massage is a very strange but wonderful new thing that I am currently learning in class, along with 3 other students in the second section of my massage therapy program. The first section was Swedish massage and bodywork and now we are learning Thai, as well as therapeutic techniques to pin point pain. It can be a little confusing but I think I am catching on very well. 

I volunteered to be the guinea pig so to speak and so my teacher demonstrated on my left leg all the stuff we were learning for the day, up to my hip. It was awesome! My left leg felt 10 times better then my right and it only took a few minutes, she wasn't even really doing a full massage she said, and she also gave us all in the class an opportunity to have a free Thai Massage from her anytime we can come in. She wants us all to experience one so we know what it feels like. I am going to try and schedule mine for tomorrow afternoon. 

back to work...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Make the insanity stop

This week has just begun and I already want it to be over. I'm working right now at the office and I have work that I could be doing but instead I think I will update my blog... 

I'm trying to stay positive and I'm thinking good thoughts so as not to get too overwhelmed by how busy I'm going to be this week, but my gosh is it hard to do. If I can get through this week alive then I know I can handle anything. 

Here is my week...

Today and everyday I work until 3pm, lets get that out of the way right now. So going into my evenings, I will already be somewhat tired, and possibly cranky and or bored, plus I might have some minor or major back pain from sitting in my desk chair all day.

Tonight I have class at 3:15 until god knows when. Probably until 6 or 7 though. Then home to work on my homework that I realized from doing it last week, takes the better part of a day or so to complete. And since my week is going to be so packed, I want to get a head start on it tonight. 

Tuesday and Wednesday I have to go to the spa straight from work, to do two massages back to back starting at 3:30pm each day and letting me go home around 6pm or later. Home for dinner, which chances are will not be something I like as my mother is in the habit of making things I can't eat so as to have more for the rest of the family. Then maybe homework then bed as I will most likely be exhausted.

Thursday I get a little break because I get home from work at 3 and then I don't have a massage to do until 4:30pm and its for a friend and its also at my house so I can feel a bit more relaxed. Probably will finish that between 5:30 and 6pm and then maybe more homework or some dinner and maybe go to sleep early. 

Friday, blissful Friday, is my "day off" of massage but unfortunately I still have to work at the office. I get out at 3 and at this point I hope that I will be able to see my boyfriend for a little bit if I haven't already seen him this week. I will have to go to bed pretty early though as I have to wake up early the next morning to be in Fraser at 8:30am until 4pm (yay! my whole day off!) for an all day driving class because of a ticket I got for speeding in November of last year. 
After that I will probably see my friend or my boyfriend and recover the last part of my day so that my weekend didn't totally suck balls.

Sunday I have church at 10am and then I have a massage directly afterward at my house for a friend I haven't seen in a long time. She will be in town for a few hours with her daughter and so I offered to give her a massage. I wouldn't normally be this busy but I have to complete 30 clinical hours at the spa before June 30th and then I have to have 300 hours of "practice" and homework don't at my house on my own time by the same date. If that means doing 2 massages everyday until my fingers feel like they are going to fall off then so be it. 

I am trying to think of all the positive things that will happen this week instead of the bad things, for instance: I will be giving a full body massage to a man for the first time. This will allow me to see how much oil/lotion I will need for a guy. Jessica says that I will need more because their legs/back/arms are hairier then a woman"s and so its harder the get the oil to penetrate the skin for a good massage. Also I will have to most likely give harder pressure when I massage a guy. Up until now I haven't really given a "therapeutic massage"(more pressure) because I do softer Swedish pressure. This will give me the opportunity to learn how to give more firm pressure in a massage, something I will need to know how to do eventually. Also there's always the chance I will make some tips. I can't charge people since I am still a student, but some people give me tips if they like the massage I give them so there's always the chance that I can make a little cash this week although I am not going to get my hopes up ha ha.

Weeks like this won't always be the case. I am going to be busy for the next month or so but not always to this degree. I will most likely keep Monday for class, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for clinical and then Thursdays OR Sundays for one or 2 massages for friends. but Friday and Saturday I will have off more often then not and even though I have lots of homework, I'm getting better at it now. I only need 30 clinical hours which if i do 4-6 a week, will give me about 6 weeks until I'm done. That's pretty good I think. I can always stretch it out more, but I really want to get it over with. I wish that I had known about it sooner-thanks Deanna :( but since I just found out, I am starting as soon as I can, which is this week. 

In other news, Dustin's friend is putting in a offer for a house that they found that they like a lot. I think Tuesday they are doing it and I will be praying for them that they get it because this will be really good for Dustin. He needs to get out of his house before his family drives him crazy. I think him and I are doing well. Certainly better then my other relationships at this point. Its only been a few months but already I am very attached. He is a wonderful and interesting person. I'm always learning something new. And even though he can be difficult on occasion, I still think he's awesome. Must be spring fever hitting me ha ha. I can't wait for our Chicago trip in May. He bought our NRA tickets this past weekend and so our trip is pretty much final. We also planned out most of the trip on paper and made dinner reso's at the Signature Room. Definitely can't wait for that. 

My guinea pig is doing well. He hasn't sneezed much at all in the last few weeks but I'm not really home during the day so he could be and I'm just not there to hear it...he is warming up to me a lot more. He talks to me every morning when I wake up and he whistles at me when I leave or enter my bedroom lol. My dog Suki is jealous I think. I admit I haven't been home as much as I usually am and so I haven't been playing with her like I used to. I can't take her with me when I stay the night at Dustin's and I never have time to walk her. One thing I'm going to love when I become a certified therapist is that I can quit my job here at the office during the days and I will have more time to spend with her and with my family. I can do massage then at anytime I want to and maybe pick up a small part time job near my house for just a few hours a week to supplement my pay. 

Well, I think that I can handle this week but I still can't wait until its over. I'm going to miss my baby this week but this will give him some time away from me since we spent the whole weekend together practically, I do not want him to think we see each other too much. Thoughts like that are always the beginning of the end of a relationship with the guys I date, although he is different, I'm not taking any chances :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Lots of new things have happened since I last wrote, but I won't go into all the details. Just a few small updates...

School is doing well but I'm finding that I'm not liking my new teacher for the second part of the program. She is way too new age for me and is forcing us to do all sorts of things that are not medically necessary for good massage. Like doing Thai Chi before every massage, and learning about chakras and meditating. Definitely not my thing. Plus she talks way too much about nothing important. Other then her, class is going good.

Today is Easter Sunday and I am spending time with Dustin and then we're going out to eat dinner with my family later. I had Friday off and got to spend the day with him and we went to the Ford Mansion to take a tour as it is now a museum. Fun times were had by all.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring has not sprung like it should.

Oh Michigan, oh Michigan, how I despise thee. With your chilly winters followed but snowy springs it's a wonder why I still live here at all...

I woke up this morning strangely tired, even though I slept my regular 8 hours and as I looked around my room I noticed that it was slightly darker then past mornings. I knew that when I looked out of my window hangings that what I would find wasn't a soft morning dew covering my backyard but a blanket of wet, semi melted, slushy snow. And find it I did. 

Needless today, waking up to something like that in the beginning of April instead of a slightly warm morning with the sun coming up, isn't a good way to start any spring. And so it is my conclusion, that Michigan Spring is broken, possibly has been for a while now. Global warming my ASS. Those scientists should make a trip to Michigan and see for themselves that if the ozone layer is really disappearing, that its still perfectly intact over the great mitten.  

I had to wear my winter boots this morning and thank God that I haven't taken my snow scrapers out of my backseat where they sit next to my flip flops and bike ha ha. so I preheated my car and had to scrape off all the ice and snow/slush from my car and I still couldn't see out my windows well, until I made it to the main roads and then I was fine. 

Once I got to work I knew that today wasn't going to be Grade A because first off I was locked out of the building becasue the asshole that gets here before everyone forgot to unlock the door after he used his key to get in. Our door is strange, but he's still an asshole. So I had to walk all the way to the other side of the building in the snow/slush to enter through the shop and then walk to the office from there. Not cool but its over and I'm warm now so whatever. 

2 people called in sick today, insadently the 2 people who sit closest to me, so I'm all alone in my little corner of the office today, which isn't bad because I can do things like write in this blog, and play online games and no one can see me do it. Oh happy day.

My weekend went well. Met Dustin's 2 uncles and his half brother. We all went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and I had a delicious Chicken Critters Salad. Yum Yum eat em up. Had class on Saturday morning, wont go into too much detail but I'm beginning to hate my instructor, not the cool one Jessica, but the other one, Deanna, who is taking over for a while to teach us Thai massage and Therepuetic massage. She is a new age woman with very different ideas of what should be taught. She is forcing us to do Thai Chi in class and learning about Chakras and centering ourselves with the earth or something, I don't know. Shes a loony tune. Jess and I are not pleased.

Other then class stuff, my weekend was pretty good. Did a massage for my friend Lana on Sunday afternoon and she gave me a tip! My first one too, I was excited. Also before that I went with Dustin and his good friend to the gym to watch them bock on their stilts. I brought my camera and took some video and pictures before my camera died. That was fun. They are getting really good at jumps and flips and stuff. This summer will be interesting. 

Just a little over a month until Dustin and I leave for Chicago to go to the NRA show! I am so excited. I've never been there but I hear from him and other people who've gone that Chicago is an amazing city. I'm trying to save all my money and I'm going to ask my parents if they can give me a little money for spending purposes. Hopefully nothing happens that prevents us from going, I don't like to be negative anymore but its about that time, where my relationships usually take a nose dive. 

So far no signs really, and honestly I don't believe it will turn out like that with us, but its hard not to think of the past and what has previviously happened. We are very compatable, despite a few minor things, like for instance, I am always cold and he's always warm. This could work out for some people because we would sort of balance out but I get the feeling he doesn't like to be touched as much when he's really hot because he's probably trying to cool down. I can't handle the windows open and I can't have the fan on, unless im under a blanket with a hoodie on and I know this bothers him, even if he doesn't always say so. This will all change in the summer. I am a whole new woman in the summer.

That is why I want to one day move to warmer climates. Not like Mexico or anything, just some where that has a slightly longer summer and less harsh winter. Is there such a place? Sure, I just have to find it. All in due time. I want to start a career first anyway. Get married. Start a life with someone and then I'll see if I still feel the same way. Hopefully who ever I end up with will want to move as well. We shall see. 

back to work. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So its another boring Friday at work. I have nothing to do and I'm almost falling asleep at my desk. I decided it would be a perfect time to update my blog.

Made dinner for the boy last night, I think it turned out well. I wish the couscous wasn't so dry and that it was actually hot by the time we sat down to eat, but I can't always get what I want. 
After dinner at my house we drove to his place and got our bikes out and then went for a really nice bike ride at Metro beach and all along the trails there that are right on the water. It was a bit cold but I have the hoodie that Dustin gave to me and I made sure to put my hood up. We must have rode for about 6 miles at least. He said from his house to the beach was about 3 miles and we went there and then around the beach trails and then back to his place so I'm thinking it was at least 7 or 7 miles. Pretty good for my first ride of the year. My legs are a bit sore but I am walking normal ha ha so that good. And my butt hurts because my seat isn't big enough, but that's normal.

Starting next week I'm going to be "part-time" at my work, which really is just me going down to 35 hours a week instead of 40. I got a nice little check for the rest of my vacation days that I earned but will not be using and I'm using that to pay a good portion of my school tuition this month. Hopefully I can pay that off quickly enough. Then I can start saving my money to pay off my credit card and maybe then I can get my credit score repaired. I haven't even checked it recently because I'm afraid of what it might be. I'm very tempted to just cut up my cards after I finally pay them off...or at the very least, just hide them so their out of my site. 

It started raining last night at around 9 or 10 and basically hasn't stopped. I don't mind the rain as much when its warm, but this colder rain plus wind is not cool. I kind of want to go home and just sleep today. Its not like they need me here. and Its not like I have anything else to do. Why not? Next week I will be part time anyhow. Its not as if I can't leave early, what are they going to do, fire me? The company is going down the drain anyway. Sure maybe there will be a miraculous turnaround in our economy and people will start buying cars left and right, sure maybe I will need to go back to full time because there's just so much work that I'm going to need more time everyday to do it! Its doubtful though. Highly doubtful. Yeah, I'm going home.