Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring has not sprung like it should.

Oh Michigan, oh Michigan, how I despise thee. With your chilly winters followed but snowy springs it's a wonder why I still live here at all...

I woke up this morning strangely tired, even though I slept my regular 8 hours and as I looked around my room I noticed that it was slightly darker then past mornings. I knew that when I looked out of my window hangings that what I would find wasn't a soft morning dew covering my backyard but a blanket of wet, semi melted, slushy snow. And find it I did. 

Needless today, waking up to something like that in the beginning of April instead of a slightly warm morning with the sun coming up, isn't a good way to start any spring. And so it is my conclusion, that Michigan Spring is broken, possibly has been for a while now. Global warming my ASS. Those scientists should make a trip to Michigan and see for themselves that if the ozone layer is really disappearing, that its still perfectly intact over the great mitten.  

I had to wear my winter boots this morning and thank God that I haven't taken my snow scrapers out of my backseat where they sit next to my flip flops and bike ha ha. so I preheated my car and had to scrape off all the ice and snow/slush from my car and I still couldn't see out my windows well, until I made it to the main roads and then I was fine. 

Once I got to work I knew that today wasn't going to be Grade A because first off I was locked out of the building becasue the asshole that gets here before everyone forgot to unlock the door after he used his key to get in. Our door is strange, but he's still an asshole. So I had to walk all the way to the other side of the building in the snow/slush to enter through the shop and then walk to the office from there. Not cool but its over and I'm warm now so whatever. 

2 people called in sick today, insadently the 2 people who sit closest to me, so I'm all alone in my little corner of the office today, which isn't bad because I can do things like write in this blog, and play online games and no one can see me do it. Oh happy day.

My weekend went well. Met Dustin's 2 uncles and his half brother. We all went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and I had a delicious Chicken Critters Salad. Yum Yum eat em up. Had class on Saturday morning, wont go into too much detail but I'm beginning to hate my instructor, not the cool one Jessica, but the other one, Deanna, who is taking over for a while to teach us Thai massage and Therepuetic massage. She is a new age woman with very different ideas of what should be taught. She is forcing us to do Thai Chi in class and learning about Chakras and centering ourselves with the earth or something, I don't know. Shes a loony tune. Jess and I are not pleased.

Other then class stuff, my weekend was pretty good. Did a massage for my friend Lana on Sunday afternoon and she gave me a tip! My first one too, I was excited. Also before that I went with Dustin and his good friend to the gym to watch them bock on their stilts. I brought my camera and took some video and pictures before my camera died. That was fun. They are getting really good at jumps and flips and stuff. This summer will be interesting. 

Just a little over a month until Dustin and I leave for Chicago to go to the NRA show! I am so excited. I've never been there but I hear from him and other people who've gone that Chicago is an amazing city. I'm trying to save all my money and I'm going to ask my parents if they can give me a little money for spending purposes. Hopefully nothing happens that prevents us from going, I don't like to be negative anymore but its about that time, where my relationships usually take a nose dive. 

So far no signs really, and honestly I don't believe it will turn out like that with us, but its hard not to think of the past and what has previviously happened. We are very compatable, despite a few minor things, like for instance, I am always cold and he's always warm. This could work out for some people because we would sort of balance out but I get the feeling he doesn't like to be touched as much when he's really hot because he's probably trying to cool down. I can't handle the windows open and I can't have the fan on, unless im under a blanket with a hoodie on and I know this bothers him, even if he doesn't always say so. This will all change in the summer. I am a whole new woman in the summer.

That is why I want to one day move to warmer climates. Not like Mexico or anything, just some where that has a slightly longer summer and less harsh winter. Is there such a place? Sure, I just have to find it. All in due time. I want to start a career first anyway. Get married. Start a life with someone and then I'll see if I still feel the same way. Hopefully who ever I end up with will want to move as well. We shall see. 

back to work. 

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