Monday, April 27, 2009

Tis the season...for yard sales!

I had my yard sale on Saturday and Sunday. Even though it was super windy, we had a tornado threat and my things were blowing away off my tables, I managed to sell a lot of stuff and raise almost $400, $250 of which was mine. I have a lot of money for school now and that is all I need. I hope that I can make my car payment this month AND pay for the rest of my Chicago trip without having to dip into my school savings...

My b/f went to Chicago this weekend for a charity thing where he was to stay the night in a park in Chicago along with thousands of other people to raise awareness for some asshole in a foreign country that abducts little children and then forces them to fight for him in his army or be killed. :(
It rained so hard and it was so cold and windy there, that they had to leave early and drive home because there just was no way they could spend the night in what most likely to be a flooded park. So he was able to spend time with me on Sunday which I enjoyed, and then I helped him pack a bit more for when he moves out of his house in a few weeks. 

Speaking of, yes, Dustin found out that his friend Eric got the house he was trying to buy and so he will be moving there in a few weeks. Yay for him!!! I will get to help, not sure with what, but maybe painting, and cleaning and whatnot. Those are my favorite things to do. Clean and paint. I am also helping him to pack a bit like I said, I just want to feel useful :)

back to work.

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