Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning Thai, not the language though...

Thai massage is a very strange but wonderful new thing that I am currently learning in class, along with 3 other students in the second section of my massage therapy program. The first section was Swedish massage and bodywork and now we are learning Thai, as well as therapeutic techniques to pin point pain. It can be a little confusing but I think I am catching on very well. 

I volunteered to be the guinea pig so to speak and so my teacher demonstrated on my left leg all the stuff we were learning for the day, up to my hip. It was awesome! My left leg felt 10 times better then my right and it only took a few minutes, she wasn't even really doing a full massage she said, and she also gave us all in the class an opportunity to have a free Thai Massage from her anytime we can come in. She wants us all to experience one so we know what it feels like. I am going to try and schedule mine for tomorrow afternoon. 

back to work...

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