Saturday, June 27, 2009

Im a geek, this I know.

Tonight I saw Transformers 2, I loved it, maybe because I was sheltered as a kid from stuff like that, now I can't get enough of all the comic-turned into movie things and all the old TV show movies i.e. transformers.

Then I went for BBQ at Red hot and blue with my group. That was yum yum eat em up. Maybe its a southern thing but I love putting coleslaw on top of all my BBQ sandwiches, and even really just plain meat and cheese sandwiches. My fam down south does it I'm sure, but up here people frown on it, dunno why, its delicious.

Here's how much of a geek I am too, I think I might join my church's Monday night bowling thing they do. $10 and i get to wear the shoes and bowl to my hearts content, what more could I ask for?

I am planning another trip to Chicago for sometime in July, most likely the end of July or something, going to take the train and stay with friends who are really excited to be seeing me again and I don't have to pay for much of anything except for food and maybe cab fare even though I am going to walk everywhere I can. I'm going to go to the museum and the aquarium since I didn't get to see those two things last time I went, and they were what I was most looking forward to seeing, besides the food show. I am really excited, I think going alone will allow me to see what I want to see and I won't have to worry about having a "romantic" trip and then being disappointed when it doesn't turn out like I expected.

I hope there is some good bands playing while I'm there for the week, too bad I missed Plushgun there, but I still got to see them here so its OK.

I need to start walking again, I'm getting stronger from massage work and whatever, and I haven't been eating as much lately since I'm so busy, here's hoping the combination of all 3 will get me in shape :)

OK, off to Jessica's house to play board games and video games! I'm spending my Saturday night in, you read it right. I'm looking forward to it though :)


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