Sunday, June 7, 2009

I love the smell of a fresh coat of paint

I finished my spa this morning! I started on Friday morning at around 9am by going to my awesomely close and cool neighborhood hardware store, DeRonnes and buying a gallon of "Beach Beige" paint and some other painting essentials like a drop cloth, some painters tape, a new paint roll, a new light switch cover to help update the basement a bit, some extension cords for my fake tree with the Christmas lights on it and my little lamp, and also some tack thingy to keep the cord on the floor and out of the way against the wall.

So I headed home and started painting around 10 am. About noon my dad came home for lunch and helped me move the old broken couch out of the basement and into his work truck to take to the dump and then I got back to painting. There was still a huge pile of crap in the middle of the basement but eventually I got all that moved into new spots too. About 2:30 I ran out of paint but still needed a double coat on the last wall so I had to go back to the store to get one more gallon of paint. I came back it was almost 3 so I stopped and washed out my brush and roller for more painting later. I wanted to finish but I had 2 massages scheduled at 4pm and 6 pm and I still needed to clean up my room a bit and get ready.

at 4 Jill came over and I gave her a massage. Shes a biker mama, shes real cool. Then at 6pm her daughter Shannon came over and I gave her a massage as well. After that it was around 8pm which meant it was time for me to go to pick up some furniture from a woman on craigslist that I was buying for my studio. I got over there and loaded up my moms Explorer with 2 metal coffee tables with glass tops, a book case made of pine and 2 silver painted lamps with white shades. I ended up driving to Dustin and Erik's new house to give them the coffee tables and the lamps because they were gonna take em anyway, whats the sense of bringing them to my house just to have to load them again and bring em over there another day.

After that I came home and it was about 10pm and I finished painting the basement put the lights on my fake tree, arranged all my new furniture, put my files in my new file cabinet and put together some flower arrangements to hang on the walls and did some other stuff. By the time I went to bed it was 1:15am and since I hadn't stayed up that late in a long time, I couldn't even keep my eyes open to even put my pj's on. I just collapsed on my bed and I was out.

when I woke up Saturday morning I moved some more furniture in my basement and then did another massage for Jill's friend and then after that I baked some muffins and then Dustin came over and we had dinner with my family and spent the evening together. All in all it was an eventful weekend and if I hadn't taken that Friday off of work I never would have gotten everything done. Its still not done really, I still have to put up some shades or curtains to separate my spa from the rest of the basement, but my dad is ordering me some bamboo shades soon and I will hang those up soon. I feel so blessed that things are working out for me. I even went online to look up some info on my city's website to see what the regulations for having a home business are and they don't have anything listed that I can't comply with. Plus the yearly fee is reasonable too at $150 to have my spa in my basement.

I know I say this alot, but I am so fricken excited.

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