Sunday, June 28, 2009

I can't wait to get another bike

I went to the motorcycle show today, my friend Steve took me on his bike, he has a Yamaha R1 and we went like 120 on the freeway and it was fricken awesome. The only thing that was scary was that he was going really fast around the turns and whatever but I asked him to slow down a bit and he did.

He had a helmet for me that isn't even coming out until September! Its an icon brand helmet, and he's got a parts store and he sells icon stuff for a living so they gave him one and its so beautiful. Its black and red and has Detroit written on it and has a mean looking dog on the side baring its teeth and on the back it says Represent. It is sweet, and I got to wear it and people were asking about all day, it was awesome.

A few people showed up from my church too with their bikes, Bud and his wife Sharon were there and then Brenda and Collin. I'm glad they could show up and have fun. There's some pictures below that show the bikes and all too.

this is my friend Steve

Just some of the bikes that were at the show. When we left from Dynamic we had more than 100 with us.

John in the red shirt. He is the owner of Dynamic Powersports on 9 mile in Eastpointe. He was one of the guys that put on the show.

yup, that's me on a bike. On Steve's bike trying to look hot but I'm sure I didn't pull it off lol. If I am getting a new bike I want an R6, not an R1. I want something small.

So yeah, that was really it. I have more pictures but they are just of bikes, and more bikes. I'm like the only one that likes them ha ha, so I'll spare you all those pictures. Anyway so I'm home now and tired. I have to go to work tomorrow and then I'm coming home and getting ready to go out bowling with my church bowling league, which isn't really a league as much as it is a bunch of people who have nothing to do on a Monday night so they go to 13 and Jefferson bowling alley and have a blast. I'm going to start being apart of that, on Monday at least.

I am addicted to a new show on USA called "Royal Pain". Its about a really good Dr. who gets blacklisted from every New York hospital because he let a hospital trustee die because he was saving the life of a young kid instead and so he and his brother go to the Hampton's for the holiday weekend and he saves a life of some famous rich person at some high class party and he ends up sort of accidentally becoming a Dr. that caters to the rich and famous and its kinda funny, but sweet sometimes. Kinda cool because his g/f leaves him before the wedding and all and he is depressed and he gets his life back together. Its a good show, watch it.

Well, its late and time for bed now, goodnight all.

Sitting, waiting, wishing, hoping.

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