Monday, June 22, 2009

Movies, movies, movies...again!

OK so now I HAVE to see Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

here are a few pictures of the characters below

The Queen is played by who else but Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter is brilliant in my opinion. New girl Mia Wasikowsha will play Alice Kingsley and I must say she looks the part and last but not least, Alan Rickman will play the Caterpillar. OMFG how cool is that?

Next movie I want to see is more of a love story but set throughout time, its totally fascinating and after I read the book a few years ago, it was totally mind boggling but great. Its called The Time Travelers Wife and the two main characters are Rachel McAdams(the wife) and Eric Bana(the time traveler) I won't even explain it, you'll have to read about it online or read the book because all I can say is its amazing.

The next one is called Taking Woodstock. This looks like a fantastically made movie and it has my favorite stand up comedian as the main actor, Demeitri Martin, and one of my favorite sctors as well Liev Schreiber. He plays this guy who's family is going to lose all their hundreds of acreage if they don't come up with some money quick for the bank and so they find out about a local music festival for a few bands and they need a place to play. So they get paid and are able to save their land by having these people come and set up their concert and that was the start of Woodstock. I don't know if their was any truth in the movie but I think there might have been. It looked really awesome.

The next one is a little movie directed and produced by Sam Mendes and I really like his work a lot. Its called Away We Go and it has John Krasinski in it and I just LOVE him as Jim from The Office so I'll see him in just about anything just shy of porn. The movie is about a young couple in love who are expecting their first baby and so they travel across America in search of the perfect place to settle down and have their baby. Along the way they meet up with family and friends and they connect to them and each other in ways they haven't before and find the true meaning of "family". John has a hippy beard and scraggly clothes in this movie but I think it totally works for him.

I really wanted to go see Transformers on Wednesday night when it came out but I decided instead to go with a few people from my church on Saturday at 4pm to the MJR on 15mile to see it and then after their all going to grab some dinner nearby there. I think it would be more fun to do that then see it alone like I was planning on doing on Wednesday. Unfortunately I had no one that wanted to go see the movie with me so thank goodness my church invited me :)

I did see The Hangover with Lorraine though and that was so awesome. We saw it on Friday and we got there before 6pm so we got the tickets for only $4.50! what a deal! On Saturday the tickets will be the same price as well, can't beat it yo!

OK, well that's all the movies for now, but give me a day, I'm sure their will be more.


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