Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oh. em. gee

OMGOSH Plushgun was amazing. Me and Lori got a bit buzzed/drunk and danced our little hearts out right in front of the stage!

I'll start from the beginning. about 2 years ago there was this web show that we got addicted to that is called We Need Girlfriends. It took place in NYC and was about 3 college grads that all got dumped on the same day and who were all moving in with each other. So they are on a quest to get over their now exes and to find new ladies. Its very funny, and cute and the guys are great actors and its just cool that they made this whole thing on their own.

So in the very first episode I watched there was a song that I just was falling in love with and I found the band in the credits and they were called Plushgun, and so I downloaded some of their music and also found their myspace and added them and I started to listen to their stuff all the time, meanwhile looking for when they would ever go on tour. They mostly stuck near or in NYC and so it was like I'd either have to be more patient and wait for them to get bigger or go to NY and see them. Money is tight, so I chose to wait ha ha. So a few weeks back I saw on their myspace they they were going on tour!! Finally! and!!...they were coming to MI!!!!! even better!! sorry there was so many !! there, I was just really excited for a second. So they were coming to Lansing and so I told Lorraine, who shares my love of them and we decided to get tickets, which were only $10, how cool is that?

So I figured that Mac's bar would have to be bigger and better then most bars if they were going to have Plushgun playing there but apparently not many people there even knew about them so other then me and Lori, there was maybe 3 other fans and then the rest of the place was filled up with the other bands that played, of which there were like 4 or 5 and the family and friends of the other bands that played since they were like high school bands and they needed to be babysat or something.

Anyway, so we got to talk to Dan and Taylor and Matt through out the night and we got pictures of them and everything and even though I'm an idiot and didn't remember to put my card back in my camera, I had my phone on me and it takes decent photos if I want it too. Plus the guy that was at the swag table for Plushgun had a camera and took some of us and he's going to send them to me. I will have those posted soon. I totally have a crush on Dan, if he was single and didn't live in NYC and I didn't already have someone I was keeping my hopes on, then I'd totally go for him, ha ha. As if he'd go for me though. He was so nice too, and he told me and Lori to dance in front and act crazy for the band so that other people would too, and even though not more then me and her and 2 other people really danced, we DID act crazy, and it was like a sauna in there and we were literally dripping sweat from everywhere. Then he came down off the stage and danced with me and he was inches from my face with the mike I swear I thought he was going to have me sing into it LOL, OMG what a rush, just thinking about it now and I've got a grin on my face, he is so amazing, his music makes me happy no matter what is happening, that's why I love them so much, I always want to dance when I hear their music. :)

They thanked us for dancing after the show and I got a poster signed by them and Dan signed it "thanks for dancing your rox off", so cool. They were so worth it to drive an hour and 30 minutes and then wait in the hot sun for another 30 just to get in and then bake alive in a hot bar with nothing to drink but a sex on the beach. I would do it again in a heart beat. but hey, me and Lori have driven farther then that to see good music played live, this was nothing.

OK, back to "work" now.

more later.

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