Monday, June 15, 2009

Playing mom for the weekend

I had a lot of fun with Izzy this weekend. Shes 7 years old and her mom Kristin is a single mother. Izzy's father doesn't have much rights to her so when Kristin left Friday afternoon for Chicago I came over after work to spend the weekend at their house. We painted our nails and toenails together the first night and then we went out for sushi to noble fish with my friend Brandon and then all three of us walked around downtown Royal Oak and saw a bunch of cool things like a live concert on Washington Ave and people walking their dogs, which Izzy just loved because shes an animal lover. It was weird sleeping in another persons bed, the only other time I haven't slept in my own bed other than hotels is in Dustin's bed.

The next day we woke up and ate breakfast together, Kristin went to culinary school and so her kitchen is decked out in all sorts of awesome kitchen gadgets, it was fun cooking in there. After that we walked to the park and than to a moving sale around the corner where I found some really awesome glasses to serve water in to my clients after a massage and a 6 foot tall, 3 panel screen that I am going to fix up and have in my spa for people to change behind.

After all that we hopped in my car and drove to my house where we then drove in my families car to my dad and grandma's birthday party at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Izzy had a blast playing with my cousin's 2 little kids and it was nice catching up with some of my cousins. I gave my massage card and info out to some of my family, most of them had no idea that I was even in massage school let alone that I would be graduating in 15 days or that I had a spa in my house lol. We stayed there for a long time, I think we left when it was close to 6pm and then we came back to my house and me and Izzy left to go to Lorraine's house to pick her. All three of us went back to Izzy's house and we had a little pizza and ice cream sleepover. It was nice that I wasn't lonely at all this weekend, especially Friday and Saturday night, my friends really know how to come through for me :)

Sunday we slept in a little and then we all got ready and left the house at 9:30am. I took Lori home and Izzy and I went to my church. She had so much fun in the kids room and the message was really laid back and short because it was done by a fellow pastor since the head pastor Tom was on vacation this week. We got out of there pretty early and headed back to my house. Izzy spent the afternoon playing with Candy Corn because she is obsessed with him now lol and then helping my mom weed in her garden and I spent time in the garage painting my wicker chair for my little "waiting area" in my spa. By the time I made lunch and then left the house and got back to her house in Royal Oak it was almost 4pm and there wasn't much time left until Kristin would be home so I brought my bike with me and Izzy and I went for a bike ride through downtown and then to a part on 4th ave until Kristin called me and told me she had gotten home around 5. Then it started raining ha ha, and so we rode our bikes as fast as we could and got back in record time.

Kristin had a lot of much needed fun in Chicago as well as having a little time away from her kid, which I'm sure all mothers need sometimes. Izzy was a perfect little kid with me the whole weekend, just like she always was, so I wasn't worried, I'm just glad I didn't have to spend this weekend all alone.

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