Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yay for Chicago!!

So its all settled. I am driving to Chicago on Thursday Aug. 6th in the morning or afternoon, hell maybe even the evening but I think I might want to go early just to maximize my time there.

I have a one day pass for Lollapalooza for that Saturday with the line up being: Atmosphere, Gomez, Coheed and Cambria, Glasvegas, Rise Against, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and Tool. And those are just the bands I WANT to see LOL...I'm so fricken excited! All that on Saturday and then if I really feel like it, which I'm sure I will, I think I'm going to buy another ticket for Sunday to see Sam Robert's Band, Kaiser Chiefs, The Raveonettes, Cold War Kids, Silversun Pickups, Jane's Addiction and The Killers. It will be a weekend to remember.

I am very lucky. My friends have a free parking spot for me at their loft in downtown Chicago and they said I can use it since they don't have a car. They are also going to buy me a 2 week pass for the L train so I can get around. They said I can stay as long as I want to so I am bringing my table with me and my oil and whatnot and I am going to try to stay for at least 3 weeks. It will be good having my car with me too so I can bring a bunch of stuff, like my massage table and my long board and my clothes IN my laundry baskets. Chances are I will be doing at least one load of laundry so I'm gonna make it easy on my self and bring my baskets to keep my crap in.

Speaking of long boards, I totally went on a downhill at the spillway near 16 and Harper last week and my board started to give me death wobbles and I tried to ditch the board but I was going way too fast and I fell off and dragged my knee while doing the splits, you heard that right. Now I have an overstretched and possibly torn knee ligament and I can't walk without limping like an idiot ha ha, oh well, my Dr. said to ice it, stay off it and wrap it once in a while and I'll be OK.

Calling MARVIN the first time this Monday morning! I am going to call right in the beginning of the hour so I can hopefully get through right away. Gotta go to the library today to return some books and then I am off to promote my business. I will be going to all sorts of places in SCS and Gross Pointe and handing my cards out to business owners to display in their shops. I am also going to go to salons and see if I can offer their clients massage if they don't already have the service their. Hopefully this will bring in some business.

I'm off to shower and then run my errands. I can't forget to do some knitting today as well seeing as I have to knit 10-20 hats for the skate shop for all the little skater boys for Christmas. If I wasn't being paid, I might not be doing it ha ha.

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