Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its been a busy couple days thats for sure

I have been pretty busy this last week. I have been staying at work late every afternoon, trying to get as much money out of my work as I can before my lay off. Which means coming home at 4:30 or so and then doing a massage or two here and there and then going out with the guys and chillin at a bunch of different bike nights.

Wednesday we went to Dooley's on Gratiot, we're thinking of moving that though soon, its lamer then normal. Thursday night we went to Royal Oak and hung out for a bit, that place was packed, it seemed like every rider was out there that night. We ran into a few people we knew which was nice, and I finally say my future bike in person. Its new this year from Honda, its a CBR600RR. I can't decide if I want the white one with the 2 phoenix's on the side panel or if i want the green and black since I love green

Choices, choices. Realistically speaking it will be a very long time until I can get one, simply because I won't have a job and I will have to save up and pay it in cash since I won't be having a job for a long time.

Last night I went to John's for a bonfire with Jeff and a few of John's buddies. That was cool, except for the drive to and from Oxford. That was a bit rough. Beautiful drive but it was long and I could feel all the gas leaving my car and never coming back lol. I actually got a little drunk and smoked some things I probably shouldn't have and then stayed up until 4am. I usually don't stay up that late but damn did I have fun and I really haven't had a lot of fun lately in my life. some here and there but not like last night. I got to cook food for a bunch of people and then sit around a bonfire and drink and drink and have some good conversation. Frankly it was just what I needed.

So the unemployment thing is slowly starting to make a little sense. I will hopefully not have to go without a paycheck for that long, assuming the state gets their shit together and sends me my check in a timely manner. If not its not so bad, I made $200 yesterday from clients and then my last 2 weeks at Obara will give me big fat paychecks since I have worked extra hours.

So being single isn't looking to be as bad as I thought, sure I don't get to have an intimate relationship with someone, but what has that ever really gotten me anyway. I kind of like having fun, not caring much about who I'm with and just going with the flow. But on the downside, I also crave some of the cuddle time and little sweet kisses with someone that really matters, plus when all my non single friends get together with me I feel a little left out. Not cool.

All will work itself out in the end.

Overall good weekend so far and its only going to get better. Today at 4pm my friend is coming to get me and we're driving to Novi with a few of our other friends and we're going to the early premiere of the new Harry Potter movie. they won tickets and invited me along since they know I'm a closet HP freak. The movie doesn't come to theatres until Wednesday so I am so fricken excited I am grinning like an idiot. Its slightly bitter sweet though since I had planned to go to The Bank with Ashley and (possibly) AJ tonight for my friend Jeff's release party but the movie starts right when the party starts at 7pm so its impossible. I was really excited to get all dressed hot and bother some boys tonight ;P

HP is better anyway. Hands down.

Massage time then shower then HP baby! have a great Sunday ya'll.

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