Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The turn my life is taking

My life has slowly spinned out of my normal orbit and into a completely different one than I ever thought possible.

4 months ago I was happy, dating a guy I thought was wonderful and that I could very well spend a long time with because things seemed so great. I was going to school for massage therapy and had every intention of working for my teacher as a massage therapy slave for $15 a massage once I got my certification. I planned on staying at my day job and maybe quitting later in the year, maybe by fall. I was growing my hair out so that I could get it long again and also get my natural color back because the guy I was with liked it that way even though I kind of didn't. I always wanted to stay near my family in MI but there was also a longing to see other places and live in other states for a while and see what I could see on my own, I understood that I couldn't afford, nor could I take off time from work to go and live somewhere else for a while.

Oh how the tables have turned, but not in a bad way. Now I am single, having fun and "dating" a few different people instead of getting serious with any one person. I am becoming friends with people that are new and interesting and I'm not even nervous about the fact that I am putting myself out there in the world and into the unknown. I am finished with school and instead of being a lackey for someone else all the time, I'm actually owning my own business, have my own home spa and I'm taking clients and making money every week! Not only am I doing all this, but recently I decided to let my work lay me off and they want me to collect unemployment for as long as I need to. Now I will have my days free to promote my business and my nights free to do what I please. I already have a few ideas of things that I can do to promote my massage business, and some of them I have already set into motion. I got my hair trimmed a few weeks ago and dyed it a pretty red color and last night I got a bunch of highlights in it and it looks SO GOOD I am so happy with how it turned out. It makes my eyes pop out and the blue in them is more pronounced not to mention it makes my skin glow peachy :)

Probably the most amazing thing though that will happen will be starting the 2nd week of August. I will be buying a one way ticket to Chicago OR driving my car, I've yet to decide...and I will be staying there for a while with my friends in their apartment while handing out my resume to every place I can imagine. If I can find a job doing massage on the side for cash, or even *maybe* doing something else like another office job(as long as it pays well) I can stay in Chicago for a few months and work and I can get out of Michigan for a while and see how I handle really being away from my family and friends. This will be a huge step for me, but I am willing to try and see what adventures I can have on my own in a city like Chicago. Depending on how long I stay and how much money I can save/make I might also go to North Carolina and stay with my big brother for a little while. He misses me and I want to meet his new wife since we've become friends online.

Another big change that I am going to make this summer will be getting my first tattoo. I am planning the design right now and am almost done. It will symbolize who I am what I hope to be and it will be on my body in a place only I and those close to me will ever see. That will be happening next week or the week after.

So many changes my goodness! I am excited for this new adventure in my life and even though I'm still not over some past events and I still wish certain things had turned out differently, I am so blessed to be able to experience new stuff everyday. How lucky am I?

Wish me luck, or better yet don't, it seems that I already have all the luck I need :)

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