Tuesday, July 7, 2009

good days and bad

yesterday was a good day. I got my hair cut and colored, I am now sporting a dark red do with a few low lights and a few layers. I LOVE it. It opens up my face and it brings out my eyes. Its super cute, don't know how long I will have it for, I might go back next month and get a all over dark with highlights or maybe a nice dirty blond, that's like the only color I haven't done yet.

After that I went and hung out with Jessica for a little bit and we talked about me working for her, she thinks that I'm going to steal her clients or something, which is ludicrous and she knows it. I think that maybe I'm better than her at massage and shes afraid that her clients will ask me to do them at my house or theirs and then she won't get a cut. I told her I'd never do that to her, which is true, so shes thinking about it. She has a hard time trusting people I think, especially when it comes to the business.

After that I met my friend Brandon at the park and we talked and listened to music for a while before it got too late. Then I went home and packed all the things that remind me of Dustin into a very large and thick boot box that I had lying around. It is now in the bottom of my closet. I couldn't do this with my guinea pig though, he wouldn't stand for it, so I have to keep him around until I can find a place for him. He's pretty cute, I might keep him, we'll see. He's already chewed through both my phone charger and my iPod headphones so I'll have to think on it.

Today hasn't been a good day. But tomorrow, tomorrow will, I'll make sure of it.

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