Sunday, August 2, 2009

a few changes to the trip

so now I am staying in Chicago for a while and then I'm driving down to Pittsboro, NC to stay with my big brother and his new wife and family for a while. I am excited, I haven't seen him in a while and from what I can tell he has changed and is different then when I last talked to him. He was knee deep in a cult thing that really messed him up for a while but since leaving his last wife who was the instigator of all that, and marrying Dawn who is so far really great in my opinion, he has changed for the better it seems.

I cannot wait to go swimming in the ocean. I am going to collect seashells and rocks off the beach and just really connect with the ocean for the first time. This is one of those things that I just really need to do, see the ocean. Can't see the Pacific right now lol, so the Atlantic will do :)

I emailed the ex, and surprise surprise he never wrote back OR gave me my movie that I left at his place before we broke up. I never would have left it there either if I had known what he was up to but I was naive and thought we'd be together for a while. Anyway, I really wanted to watch it with Derek and then take it to Chicago and then let me brother watch it in NC since hes a fan of stuff like that, but now I can't do any of that :( I really don't want to buy another copy, especially since it was kind of an expensive movie the first time around. Gotta save my money for gas and all.

Well it looks like its a go for the teaching in the fall. It will be right around my birthday so that's cool, what a good gift to myself! I also am going to be getting a building in the spring/summer if all goes OK with the classes and whatnot in the winter, that way I can have room for all my students. Lots of good things are happening to me, I feel like its about time, but I also am trying to stay humble. I am very blessed. :)

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