Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicago Trip Pt. 2

So I'm back in Chicago, I was here a few months ago with the ex. I didn't have nearly as much fun back in May during the 4 days we were here. This week has been incredible. We've gone to SO many cool places and I haven't even started the stuff that I want to do yet. I am going to the beach in a day or 2, tomorrow I am getting paid so I'll be heading back to the mag. mile to do a little shopping and to the natural history museum, the art institute, navy pier, the aquarium and the Lincoln park zoo.

Lollapalozza was intense, totally awesome and worthwhile.
That was the Coheed and Cambria show, I didn't get pictures of Atmosphere which was right before Coheed but they were amazing as well, they had a great crowd. After Coheed was Rise Against who are Chicago Natives and they had a HUGE crowd of Chi town support, then Tool which basically everyone at Lolla went to. Amazing.
I wanted to go Sunday too so I could see The killers and Jane's addiction but we decided to meet up with my friend Angela and go to the bar with her and her man. It was called the River Shannon, they have free Wii and board games and all sorts of cool and fun things to do.
That is Angie and I.

She's going to school to be a massage therapist so she is going to practice on me tonight, w00t w00t for me. I need it. I've been doing a little work while here, mainly on the dudes I'm staying with, so I'm a bit tense in the shoulder area and what not. My knee is getting better though, we've been taking the L train or the bus everywhere so we're not wasting my gas and paying for parking, its been pretty rad so far.

I'm at a Cafe right now in Pilson that has Internet, although not very good Internet lol. Its 103 degrees here today and so we're just trying to stay out of the sun.

Well I'm off to update my other crap.


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