Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh the drama!

holy crap LOL

I was on line talking to Shawna and I mentioned how I had completely forgot to tell her that I decided since I'm going to be Jessica's partner at the spa that she let me name it and I said that I picked Bella Sante Spa because I thought of it one night with Shawna at the Library after I told her I wanted to open my own place to do massage one day.

So she completely freaked out, told me I was an ass because SHE thought of that name and it wasn't mine to use, which is completely untrue and then proceeded to call me every name in the book, tell me that I was a horrible, unoriginal friend, and then told me that we're no longer friends, that I can go to hell, and that she was blocking me on yahoo messenger...LOL

I found the entire thing comical and I actually began laughing out loud at work while she was typing all this to me. How could a 30 year old woman who's supposed been through as much as she says she's been through(the jury's still out on her, she tends to lie about things I'm noticing...)be married and have four children, in an abusive relationship and still be so immature as to have a hissy fit over something as simple as the usage of a name that SOMEONE ELSE thought of, then on top of that end the only friendship she really had with someone. Just to prove she was right? Just to be a bitch? I just don't get it! Ha Ha. you'd think that she would have more to worry about then that. Like...oh I don't know, maybe how shes going to take care of her 4 kids now that she has finally left her husband and come home? (only after being threatened by the state to have her children taken away because of evidence of physical abuse, mind you) It's sad when a woman like her gets to live free and clear when there's other women out there who deserve their freedom who actually FIGHT for their lives everyday. If I was her I'd be trying to make friends, not lose them.

So I told her that its not like we're the only ones who thought of that name, there's like 5 other businesses in the country with the name already, and not to mention I thought of it because I told her I was going to go to massage school soon and wanted to open my own place one day. She didn't show any interest in using the name, nor did she mention an interest in learning massage or anything of that nature, as if she would lower herself to touch someone else's body anyway.

So I didn't want to fight with her even thought there's been a lot that I wanted to say to her for years because she just seems so stupid compared to a normal person...I just told her I hoped she got what she deserved, (karma is a bitch after all), and that I hoped her moms current situation turned out for the better, (cancer is never anything to joke about) and something I wished I had said but didn't was that I hoped her kids wouldn't ever remember what a horrible man their daddy was and because of all the things he did to them, when they woke up with nightmares about being kicked by their daddy, they didn't blame her because she just didn't have the guts to leave him. Mothers are supposed to protect their children. Not put them in harms way then turn their backs on them.

Well she didn't like any of that one bit. And if I was such a horrible friend why did I stick around and give her emotional support when she was dealing with an abusive husband while at the same time having an affair behind her husbands back with 2 men! When she had no one to talk to in Texas because her stupid ass followed him down there ALONE knowing full well that he was just going to be the same abusive asshole she had married, I called her all the time to make sure she was all right and to make sure there wasn't anything I could do. I almost bought her a plane ticket to come home when he cut off all her funds and tried to kill her! And then to top it off she eventually brought her children back into that environment by dragging them out of school and down to Texas with her! 

All she ever talked about was all these other men, all the sex she was having in her multiple affairs, all the stuff she had bought and all the money she was using of her husbands. I knew she was a spoiled rich-bitch when I went into the friendship and I also knew that she thought I was beneath her from the beginning. But I could tell she was lonely and needed someone to tell all her problems to and so I decided I would be an open ear for her. I even remember a few days when I wanted to look nice for work and I would curl my hair or wear a dress I just bought and she would tell me I looked fat, or that you could see my underwear lines, or that I should have done my hair a different way. It was like no one was allowed to look their best when she was nearby or the attention would be off of her for a moment and we can't have that now can we! 

I felt so bad for her too. This woman spends more time in the bathroom putting on the right jeans and top to hide her huge ass and fat stomach so that she can feel beautiful. She spent more on makeup then I have in a paycheck. I don't wear makeup, and I don't hide my full figure and so far it's gotten me into better relationships then her any day of the week! I know I'm beautiful without anything to enhance my features. I love that about myself. She hated that in me. I was always happy about the way I looked, but nothing can make a woman so miserable as her happy for even a moment.

When it just finally got to be too much for me, and I could tell that she actually enjoyed being in the position she was in with all the drama and all the lies and that she seemed to like being under the control of her abusive husband because he bought her expensive things, and even after trying to tell her to leave him and come home, something her family had been telling her fora long time, then I stopped trying. I stopped worrying if she was even alive, I stopped calling and telling her that she deserved better. Being her friend was absolutely, the most exhausting experience of my entire life. 

In many ways I am glad our friendship is finally over. She was never a good friend to me, she never helped me with any of the problems I had, she only cared about herself. It was fun sometimes being her friend, but the negative definitely outweighed the positive.

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