Monday, March 30, 2009

My room is almost complete!

My shelves are done! My shelves are done!

My awesome, handy with any tool boyfriend made them for me and they are awesome! I helped a little, mostly holding things down as he was cutting with the circular saw, and handing him tools as he needed them. Oh and I paid for 98% of the stuff ha ha. I could tell later on when it was getting late and we were trying to finish up, that all I was really doing was annoying him so I stopped what little helping I was doing lol. I'm not good at building things and I really don't know anything about anything when it comes to tools and holding things straight and putting screws/nails in, so I just stood by and watched. No sense in making more of a fool outta myself AND annoying my man.

Now the shelves are in my closet and I was able to clear out all the clothes hanging in there and like 3 of my dresser drawers so that i could put all of those things folded neatly in my new shelving unit. I am excited. My next project idea is going to be to put more shelves, made the same way as my new ones, in the other part of my closet where my dresser now sits. I put my dresser in there to save space in the rest of my room since i have my massage table in my bedroom now and so far it has worked out really well but I think if i put more shelves in my closet, then i can put ALL my clothes in them AND have room for my jewelry box, my massage stuff, my purses, maybe even my cook books. Then everything will be localized and I can free up even more space in my room. I just wish I had a bigger closet lol.

So my work is finally putting me on part time starting next week. I will be leaving an hour and a half earlier every day. I still will make enough to pay my bills. I will just have to save my money more and watch my spending habits more closely. Something I've never really had to do before now. I have to come up with my last 2 tuition payments for massage school and a bunch of money for my Chicago trip with the boyfriend in May. I think it will be OK, I just need to save my money.

I'm using my work computer so it's back to work I guess!

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  1. OMG I found your blog (not difficult since you, you know, are following mine).