Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Fun

Had a wonderful weekend. Got to see my man most of the weekend and we spent some quality time together. Took my pet guinea pig Candy Corn to the vet because he was sneezing, and got him some antibiotics. He doesn't care too much for strawberries, but he likes spinich and parsley. He's so cute and fluffy. 

This morning I caught him on top of his house smooshed between that and the top of his cage. He was chipring away and I came closer to his cage and he was just looking at me with a look that said "hey mom look what I can do!" ha ha. So adorable, then I said to him "hey, get down from there" and he jumped down right away and started whisteling at me. Poor guy, I think he knows when Iwake up in the morning that I have to leave for work, and thats when he is the most talkitive, in the AM. Its like he doesn't want me to go to work, but instead just stay home and play with him lol.
One day I will be able to. 

I'm searching for other jobs although I think it might be in my best interest to just stay where I'm at. I know my job well enough, I get to play online all day and since we're slow now I can have more chill time, I'm getting paid well and its close to home. The odds of me finding something as good as where I'm at, BEFORE i start the whole massage thing, is pretty slim. Not to mention if all goes according to plan, I won't even be here by the end of the year. I just want to do massage and then maybe if need be, get a small part time job to supplement any money I'm not making from massage. As long as I can pay my bills, which will hopefully be smaller soon lol, then I think I can handle not having a full time job. I shall see.

At the office now in fact, should probably do my Monday morning work. Not much else to do but it will keep me busy for an hour or two. Can't wait to watch the season finale of Big Love tonight. And to give an old friend a massage. It'll be a nice time to catch up on the last 7 years we haven't spoken. 

Monday's aren't all bad. 

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