Sunday, March 22, 2009

My life so far

I am a student in massage school, and I am excited about the new direction my life is taking me in. I work in an office setting and I am starting to feel like I am becoming just another drone. I want to break free from the mold and make my own hours, sleep when I want, work when I want, eat when I want and have fun doing what I want. I have a right to be happy, this is my life.

I want to find a man who can handle a real woman. I have curves, I can be a bitch, but I can also be the sweetest person you know. I want a man who doesn't expect anything from me that I cannot give him and I will not expect anything from him that isn't in his power to do. We have to be equal but he also needs to make me feel like I am being taken care of. I want a passionate man who knows what he wants in life and how to achieve happiness.

I basically want the impossible, but don't I deserve it? Don't we all deserve someone who fits perfectly with us like a corresponding shape? Like a puzzle piece? I think so. I also believe everything happens for a reason, and there's a greater plan out there then we realize. We are just pawns in a chess game, and very large, very intricate chess game between two grandmasters. I've never even played chess...but I am going to win this one.

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