Friday, May 15, 2009

Chicago here I come!

I am leaving for Chicago, my first real vacation, tomorrow morning at the butt crack of dawn. It was all my boyfriends idea to go, and I'm so glad he invited me. I am so incredibly excited to be going I can't stop smiling. I packed 99% of my things last night. The weather is supposed to be nice for the 4 days that we're going except for maybe tomorrow which will be cloudy and windy but hey, its Chicago, its supposed to be windy.

I am most excited for the Signature room, but not the elevator to get TO the Signature room, and also the aquarium and the food show. I also am SO happy to be trying real Chicago style deep dish pizza for the first time in my life. Yum Yum in my Tum.

I am going to try and cut myself off at spending $50 the whole 4 days we're there. I am bringing munchies on the train in hopes at not having to eat a big lunch when I arrive there.The Food Show we're going to will have food samples and such that I can eat for lunch the 2 days we go I'm sure and then the only other things I might have to pay for are *maybe* a taxi or something and the aquarium and then buying pizza. I am hopefully not going to go over my limit.

I need to save for school (on top of my bills) or I won't be able to graduate. This means: no more eating out AT ALL, I have to rely on my parents for gas money, I have to possibly start charging people $15-$20 for each massage I do, and I have to stay until 4 or 4:30 at work everyday that I can so I can get some extra cash. But after all is said and done, I can honestly say I paid my own way through school without loans and whatever and I will have a job waiting for me as soon as I get my certification and I can start making some money and paying off my debts. I will be much happier once my financial situation gets more safe and I can start really saving, hopefully for a house of my own one day.

Lunch time!

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