Friday, May 22, 2009

Arrrgggghhhh!!!!! I'm so mad!

I had the chance today at work to drive all the way to Rochester Hills to pick up some parts and then drive all the way out to Novi to drop them off and then from Novi back to work here in Warren but at the last minute when I was about to leave, one of the bosses in Kentucky who happens to be here this week said he would do it. So he called me and I had to give him the directions and I hate my life. 

Its bad enough that their taking our jobs down there and we have to send all our machines there and now we have no work but now they are driving up here and taking what little work we have left as well!

So mad I could spit. Now I really don't have a thing to do today at work. I think I'm going to leave early and go get my bike from Dustin's house and head home to ride around the neighborhood. I need to blow off steam.

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