Friday, May 22, 2009

Back from Chicago!

Wow what a trip! I LOVE Chicago. 

I left Saturday morning for the train station with my man at around 6am and we got on the train right at 7am. The trip took longer then expected because of delays on Amtrak's end but eventually we made it into the city, an hour and half late, but in one piece.

The first day(Sat.) we walked around town for a long time and then went out to eat at a great pizza place, the next day(Sun.) we spent at the food show, which was the main reason we went to Chicago in the first place. That was amazing. I knew there would be food there and that people would be giving out samples, but there were full kitchens and people making fresh loaves of bread and cake and fried food and baked food and smoked meats and grilled steak and huge wheels of cheese that you could just take from and huge smoked salmons on tables that you could take a plate of and WOW there was a lot of food. We got some awesome pictures(above) and videos of the owner of BlenTec from Will It Blend? That was definitely a highlight. 
Me = loser.

Sunday night after the food show Dustin took me to the Signature room at the 95th floor of the John Hancock. It was the most romantic place anyone has ever taken me. I felt like a princess. I got to wear a pretty dress which a friend lent to me since I really didn't have anything appropriate, and I did my hair and everything. I know I looked beautiful because I felt beautiful. And Dustin looked so handsome! He always looks good to me but that night he looked especially handsome in his simple button up shirt and black pants. 

On Monday we went to the food show again to tie up some loose ends basically. There was a whole section of displays and stands that we never really saw the day before so we made sure to go back and see them. After that we spent the day walking around the city and the parks taking pictures and talking. There was so many beautiful things to see! There was a botanical garden, a huge fountain at the back of the park by the water, an amphitheatre set up in the park over the grass, plus huge art installations set up all over the park by the art institute.

After walking around for a while we went back to the hotel to rest and start packing. We left the next morning and came back to Michigan on the train. There's only a few things I would have liked to do differently on our trip but overall it was the best vacation I have ever been on. I hope I get to go again soon only maybe not on the train as it made me sick coming home lol.

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